National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Journal Bìblìotečnij vìsnik [Library journal] is a periodical professional scientific theoretical and practical edition which focuses on current problems of library and informational work, bibliography studies, book studies, social communications in library informational sphere.

Founded in: 1993.

Founders: National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine.

Periodicity: be-monthly.

Sphere of spread: statewide, on subscription.

Languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian.

State Registration Certificate  КВ № 17072-5842 ПР of 09.08.2010.

ISSN 1029-7200

The Subscription Index is 74049.

Mission and the goal of the journal is in the implementation into the scientific world theoretical and practical researches in the librarian-informational sphere, in practical application of theoretical basis in the work of librarian-informational institutions, in assisting developing national and international scientific informational space.

The purpose and aim of the journal is publication of original, finished and modern topical and practical scientific researches, in which such topics are studied: theoretical and practical problems of library studies; library information technologies; modern library in digital environment, in system of social communications; development of digital information resources; librarian and science-informational support; problems of improvement of catalogues and systematization in science libraries; research and preservations of funds; studying of archival collections in libraries; work of library unions, associations and networks in Ukraine; scientific, science-methodological and international work of libraries; profession and education of a librarian; librarian terminology; history of the library profession and libraries; topic of studying the readership; work of international libraries; international document exchange; cultural educational work of libraries; the topic of bibliography studies; national bibliography; bibliography work of the libraries; research on book studies, history of book, libraries funds and archives; preservation oh book and archival heritage of Ukraine,  history of publishing; document and sources studies studios, etc.

The journal publishes the reviews for new publications on library studies, studies on bibliography, book studies, documentology, source studies, archive sphere: monographies, collectorials, textbooks, bibliographic and biobliographic publications, thematic domain dictionaries, handbooks, guidebooks, encyclopedias, etc.

The articles in the journal are published for free.

The authors of the journal are scientists and specialists of Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine, other libraries and information centers of Ukraine, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and international institutions, professors in higher education institutes of Ukraine, aspirants, students, applicants for science degrees of doctor and candidate of sciences on social communications and historic sciences.

The target audience is the researchers in the library informational sphere, workers of library informational institutions, scientists and practical workers in the sphere of social communications and informational communicational technologies, professors, post-graduate students,  students of higher education institutions that prepare specialists in the mentioned above spheres.

The journal is reviewed. It is included into the List of specialized scientific publications of Ukraine, which can publish the results of dissertation works on acquiring science degrees of  doctor and candidate of sciences in social communications (Ministry of Educational and Science order #1021 from 29.09.2015) and historic sciences (Ministry of Educational and Science order #1328 from 21.12.2015).

The editorial policy of the journal includes:

  • objectivity and impartiality;
  • high requirements to the quality of the scientific research;
  • the policy of peer-reviewing of articles;
  • strict adherence to copyright laws;
  • adherence to the ethics of the editors and publishers, reviewers, authors of scientific publications; those ethics principles can be found in the “Codes of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors”, “Publishing Ethics Resource Kit (PERK) for Editors”.

Open access policy

The journal supports the Budapest Open Access initiative (BOAI).

The editorial board of the journal acts in accordance to the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association’s Code of Conduct, practices the policy of immediate open access to the published materials, supporting the principles of free scientific information sharing and global exchange of knowledges for the societal progress (Directory of Open Access Journal (DOAJ)).

All of the journal’s content is available for free for all the users and institutions. the users may read, copy, spread, print out, search or cite the full texts of the articles or use them with any purpose without the prior approval of the publisher of the author.


The content of the journal is licensed under the Creative Commons (CC) with the indication of the copyright - non-commercial use - without derivatives.

Publications ethics

The editorial board takes steps in order to provide Principles of Transparency and Best Practice in Scholarly Publishing.

The journal’s publishing ethics supports the principles developed by the Committee on Publishing Ethics (COPE), and such principles may be found in documents “Codes of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors” and in ”Publishing Ethics Resources Kit (PERK) for Editors”; Directory of Open Access Journal (DOAJ).

Publication statistics

In   2015  in  issues of  the  journal   1(225)  -  6(230)   were   published   28   articles,   5  reviews, 6 informational materials.

In   2016 in issues of the journal 1(231) - 6(236) were published 40 articles, 3 reviews, 1 methodical material, 6 informational materials.

In   2017   in issues  of   the   journal   1(237)  -  6(242)  were  published  33  articles,  5  reviews, 11 informational materials.

In   2018   in   issues   of   the   journal  1(243)  -  6(248)  were  published  29  articles,  4  reviews, 5 informational materials.

Indexing of the journal

The journal is indexed in the bibliometric database Google Scholar.

The archive of all the journals full editions can be found on the journal’s site, in the “National periodics of Ukraine” database, in the nationwide abstract database “Ukrainica scientific”, digital copies of the journal are transferred for the depositary storage in Vernadsky National Library of Ukraine